SERPREMACY is the newest product to join the family. It is a Massive Content Multiplication engine for WordPress. Multiply your content, multiply your SERPs.

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  • L<M

    What do people actually use this for?

    There are obviously a load of users

    I get how this works but if I have a splog that is cloaked and promoting more than one product, for example a jump higher and a grow taller product from clickbank and want to increase the content for both of these could that work?

    The taller posts would need to go in cat id XX and the jump higher posts in another cat id so that they are cloaked to the right offer.

    • SocialBacklinker

      SERPREMACY’s posts are actually rather unique in the fact that they know which original posts they are derived from. The new posts are completely hidden from the user – thus, if they follow a link to a post made by SERPREMACY, instead they are redirected to one of the original posts used to create it in the first place.

      As you can see categorisation is not relevant, since posts will naturally segregate themselves based on different terms.