If you have a twitter account set up in SBPro you can automatically retweet tweets made by other accounts using the RSS backlinking module. Here’s how it’s done:

1. In your RSS Backlinking tab, add the twitter API feeds for the accounts you want to retweet. The URL for these look like this:

Change the part that says twitter_username to the username you want to retweet.

2. In your Twitter module in SBPro, create a new entry. Give it the username & password of the account that will do the rewteeting. Set Link Randomly and Post New Links to No, and set both RSS and Use Templates to Yes.

3. The twitter RSS feed is a little unusual. The tweet is in both the title and the description for the RSS item, and both are prefixed with the username. Unfortunately this is not prefixed with a @ so the username won’t be linked when it gets posted to twitter so we need to set up a post template for this account. Click the ‘Templates’ icon next to the module name (it’s a small blue icon with a circular arrow) to open up the post template. In there, put something like this:

RT @%title%

Save the templates. The %title tag will be expanded to the full tweet, and the username will be prefixed with a @ so it will link properly when tweeted.

That’s it! You can add as many twitter user feeds as you like in the backlinker.