A single SocialBacklinker Pro install can be used to backlink many, many blogs. And if you want to set up multi-tier backlinking, it can be done with just one install per tier. Here’s how to set it up.

The RSS backlinking module may seem like a simple tool but it is very powerful and can be used in a number of ways. You supply it with a list of RSS feeds and select which of your web2.0 accounts should receive posts from these feeds. You set how often to run the RSS backlinker (for example, once every 60 minutes would backlink 24 items per day). When it’s due to run, it will pick a random feed from your list, and a random item from that feed, and backlink it to a random account that has RSS Backlinking enabled on it.

Using this method, you can take a single blog and install SocialBacklinker Pro on it. You can then take all the feeds from your other blogs and put them into the RSS backlinker. Enable some accounts to receive RSS posts in the SocialBacklinker Pro admin, and they will start receiving posts for those feeds. So with one install you can backlink as many of your other blogs as you like.

Multi-tier backlinking works in a similar way. You have probably heard of link pyramids; these are organised as groups of sites that link upwards to each other, with the ones at the top linking back to your ‘money sites’. For this method you will need to split your accounts into groups. It really doesn’t matter how you do this, but try to have a selection of different types of accounts (i.e. WordPress, tumblr, twitter etc). You need to pick accounts that provide RSS feeds of their posts.

The first group will be your top tier. These will link to your money sites. These should be set up in one SBPro install as normal.

The second group will be set up into a different SBPro install. However, instead of (or as well as) posting links to the blog SBPro is installed on, you will take all the RSS feeds from the first tier’s accounts (WordPress, twitter feeds etc). So these second tier accounts will backlink the first tier accounts.

From here, you can set up as many tiers as you like. You can mix up some of the accounts so that they crosspost different tiers. All you need is one SBPro install per tier and give them the RSS feeds for a different tier.

For this method you’ll probably want to run the RSS backlinker perhaps every 30 minutes – this will create 48 posts per day – all random posts, to random accounts, creating a diverse and organic linking structure for your blogs.