SocialBacklinker Pro’s RSS backlinker is simple in concept – take links from a list of feeds and post them to your accounts – and in practice can be used to set up complex and diverse interlinking systems. Here we’re going to concentrate on creating autoblogs on Amplify, and blogs.

If you’re autoblogging already you probably have a list of RSS feeds providing content for your sites. Grab some more that are generally related to your niches so that you have 20 or so ‘active’ feeds – those that have new items in every day or two.

It takes next to no time to set up new blogs on the aforementioned sites. Let’s say you have five of each, 15 blogs in total, added to SocialBacklinker Pro already. Here’s what we’ll do in the RSS Backlinking tab:

  1. Add your RSS feeds in the RSS Backlinking tab, one on each line.
  2. Set the frequency so each blog gets a few posts a day. If you have 15 blogs, set it to 100 minutes or so.
  3. Turn Respect Post Start Date off, and turn Gather Full Content on

Then select each of the accounts that are going to receive the RSS items:

  1. Change the Post Start Date to at least 4 weeks from now
  2. Set Post Random to Yes
  3. Set the Post Frequency to between 1500 and 3000
  4. Set the % Chance to between 40% and 60%
  5. Change RSS? to Yes

It’s easier to use the Mass Edit tool for this, as you can randomise the values for relevant fields.

With this setup, you now have 15 accounts all posting random items from your feeds – that’s 15 autoblogs running independently on, and Amplify.

In a few weeks they will have amassed a good amount of content. They’ll be indexed in Google and have some inherent trust. At that point they will start posting backlinks here and there to your own site.

Of course, the network can be as big or as little as you like – and post content from anywhere. All you need is accounts and RSS feeds.